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December 21
"Someone" will be premiered Sunday, Dec 21 2014 at 11:15 at Neues Museum Nürnberg by Ensemble Pegnitzschäfer-Klangkonzepte
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December 9
Bergen Impro Storband performs "Ad lib" at Landmark at 20:00

December 6
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

November 13
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

November 13
Akilles (Achilles) performs at Jamboree in Barcelona, Spain, at 20:00
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October 31
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

October 25
at 18:00, "Høgsongen", opening concert Bergen Kirkeautunnale
Collegium Musicum choir and orchestra
Mari Eriksmoen, soprano
Halvor Melien, baritone
Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor
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Good review from premiere of "Someone is going to come" in German

October 19
Premiere of the opera "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), first time in German "Da kommt noch wer», Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne
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Article about "Da kommt noch wer»

October 10
"Lydlandskap", a visual sound installation by Line Hvoslef, concert/happening Oct 10 at 19.00:
Knut Vaage-toypiano
Jostein Gundersen-recorder
Søren Andreasen-soundwall and monome
Arne Sagvoll-saw

"Graffiti" has been choosen for use as qualification piece at NM i Brassband, and the score is available at Norsk Musikforlag
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5. oktober
Østfold vokalensemble performs "Det er den draumen", Råde Chappell at 18.00 and Borge Church at 20.00

October 4
Avgarde, Musikkavdelingen, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (Bergen Library), at 14-16
AKILLES Bergen-Barcelona
Jørgen Træen, modular synth and sound processing, soundobjects
Knut Vaage, preparered piano, soundobjects
Marc Egea, hurdy-gurdy, soundobjectsl
Tom Chant, saksofon, soundobjects
Jordi Salvado, sound design
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September 28
Invitation for "Lydlandskap" (pdf), a visual sound installation by Line Hvoslef

"Lydlandskap" av Line Hvoslef
("Lydlandskap" by Line Hvoslef)

September 27
Rolf Borch premieres "Shimmer" ("Skimmer") for contrabass clarinet, BrassWind, Logen at 16.30

Video from performance of "Someone Is Going To Come" in Kairserslautern, Germany

Someone is going to come / Da kommt noch wer! from Montag on Vimeo.

September 5 and 6
The play "Kongen med gullhjelmen" is performed at Moahagen, Fitjar:
Friday September 5:
12.00: School performance of "Kongen med gullhjelmen"
20.30: Official opening of the play "Kongen med gullhjelmen"
Laurdag 6. september:
20.30: The play "Kongen med gullhjelmen"
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August 23
Østfold Vokalensemble performs "Det er den draumen", concert at Fredrik III´s hall, Halden, August 23 at 18.30
Inger Lise Haavelsrud - Soprano
Camilla Marie Bjørk Andreassen - Alto
Aasmund Kaldestad - Tenor
Halvor Kjerkreit - Bass

August 21
Miniature piece "Plokk" performed at Oslo Kammermusikkfestival

German translation (publisher Felix Bloch Erben) of the opera "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come)

July 31
Premiere of piece for opening concert Europa Cantat Junior, Johanneskirken, Bergen.
Choir with 800 children, Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps and new Church bells
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July 27
Nidaros String Quartet performs "Bumerang" at International Summer Concerts 2014, Ringebu Stave Church

July 25
Chamber music ("Bumerang"), Nidaros Strykekvartett (Nidaros String Quartet), fjøset på Loddgarden (the barn at Loddgarden) at 18.00
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July 8
Nanset Blåseensemble with conductor Odd Terje Lysebo performs "Breaking Another Wall" at WASBE Eastern Europe Festival in Debrecen, Hungary
Nanset Blåseensemble


May 25
Victoria Johnson performs "multiMORF II", Bergen International Festival, Logen Teater, at 22.00,
More info
Review in Ballade

22.-25. mai
Festivalcomposer at FMW&Prc (Festival of Music for Winds and Percussion) in Fredrikstad. Works to be performed:
"For lenge, lenge, lenge siden!" (opera-workshop with young talents. Text and direction Tore Vagn Lid)
"Breaking Another Wall 2" (premiere by Det Norske Blåseensemble).
Chambermusic: "Bumerang", "Tapt slag", "Jug Band Rag".
More info
Article in Fredriksstad Blad
Article in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

Another nice review of "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come) in Germany

Nice review in German opera magazine "Opernglas" from premiere of "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come) in Luxembourg (German, pdf)


March 17 and 18
The opera "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come) is to be performed at TNL in Luxembourg
More info
Info from Ballade

Nice review of "Minuetto Libero"-CD


Article about NM Brass and Norwegian composers

"Mikromani", live performance 2009 - BIT20 Ensemble, available for listening

Piece for Rolf Borch for double bass clarinet finished after a fine collaboration process

Ila Brass Band performs "Graffiti" at NM brass, Grieghallen February 8. februar 2014 at 15.40

January 17, 18 and 19
"Graffiti" used for master classes at Hell-symposium
More info (pdf)


December 10
Release of "ArcoLogi II, III og IV", on a collection of contemporary works on childrens CD, Konserthuset in Oslo.
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25. -29. november
Workshop for music theatre piece with youth at Dramatikkens Hus

Director/author Tore Vagn Lid's speach at Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet)

Pictures from the performance of "Someone is going to come" in Germany

"Someone is going to come" performance in Germany
("Someone is going to come" performance in Germany)

Nice review of "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come) in Germany (pdf)

November 2
The opera "Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come) is to be performed in Germany
More info
Info from Music Norway I
Info from Music Norway II


September 29
Sunnhordland Camber Orchestra with conductor Lars-Erik ter Jung and musicians Reidun Horvei, vocal and Einar Mjølsnes, hardingfiddle perform "I Vrimmelen" - reconstructed folktunes from Sunnhordland, Amfisalen at 17.00

New pieces:
multiMORF IV 
for trumpet, 9 piece brass and electronics/video
Premiere performance at BrassWind 28th of September at Røkeriet USF in Bergen
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September 1.
Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra with conductor Lars-Erik ter Jung performs "I vrimmelen", celebrating the 850 year anniversary of Halsnøy Abbey
Meir info

I rørsle (Moving)
for piano trio
premiered at Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen) 2013


June 1 at 14-15 and June 2 juni at 17-18
Concert Vaage/Valen Trio, Fageråsveien 19D, Bergen
The host premieres his latest piece
More info

Recording of "Speech of Tears" ("Tåretale"), Seven Songs about Death
Poems by Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen set to music by Knut Vaage

Review of "Khairos", NRK (radio)

Review of "Khairos" in Dagsavisen

Review of "Khairos" in Kulturspeilet

Wednesday May 15, NRK P2, Musikk i brennpunktet at 21.03 – 22.00
NRK follows the rehearsels of the opera "Khairos"
More info (word)

Opera "Khairos" will be premiered at the 10th of May 2013
More info (the National Norwegian Opera & Ballet, pdf)

("Khairos". Foto: E. Berg)


Friday, April 12
The thriller "Blåtur" premieres at Bergen Kino
Music: "Vath"
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"Blått lerret"
at Litteraturhuset i Bergen, Sunday February 24 at 18.00
The collaboration "VATH" (Knut Vaage/Thorolf Thuestad)
have composed music for two movies:
"Blåtur" and "Snø"
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November 25 2012
Bergen Library at 15.00
Premiere of vocal piece "En klump med leire" by the chamber choir GNEIS, conducted by Tore Kloster, poem by Hanne Bramness

November 11 2012
"Sonetter for chamber orchestra" premiered by Gjøvik Sinfonietta leaded by Atle Sponberg


October 21 2012
Rosendal Samfunnshus at 18.00
"I vrimmelen" for Sunnhordland Chamber Orchestra, cond. Lars-Erik ter Jung, Folkemusikkveka i Kvinnherad

October 14 2012
Oslo Poesifestival, Litteraturhuset at 16.45
"Syv sanger om døden"
Music: Knut Vaage
Lyrics: Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen
Siri Torjesen – soprano, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen – voice, Knut Erik Nystrøm – alto saxophone and Knut Vaage – piano

October 11-13
Reksten-samlingene Bergen
coach at Bergen National Opera's Libretto Academy

September 29 2012
BFO performs "Tjat", Grieghallen at 15.00
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July 14 2012
New version of "Morfemaskin" performed at the festival "Ut av vår hule", by "Ut av vår hule festivalchoir 2012", July 14 at 15.30
Recording of the performance
Article in local newspaper


Video from performance of "MultiMORF 3", Saturday Oct 1. Integra-festival, Copenhagen.
Performer: John Arild Suther
Video: HC Gilje
Sounddesign/programming: Thorolf Thuestad

June 6 2012
Victoria Johnson, CD-release at 20.00 at Drivhuset. New programmed version of "Electra".
More info

Two new pieces added to works, "I vrimmelen" (chamber) and "Ein ny dag" (vocal)


April 22 2012
Stord Ungdomskor (Stord Youth Choir) performs "Nøkkerose" at 18.00, Kulturhuset at Stord, Storsalen

April 21 2012
BFO performs "Troll", Grieghallen, at 15.00
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April 20 2012
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover 
Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor
Igor Levit, piano
Stadhalle, Braunschweig
Knut Vaage: "Troll" for Orchestra (2007)
Prokofiev: "Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 16"
Tchaikovsky: "Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64"

April 19 2012
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover
Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor
Igor Levit, piano
Großer Sendesaal, Hannover
Knut Vaage: "Troll" for Orchestra (2007)
Prokofiev: "Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 16"
Tchaikovsky: "Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64"

March 17 2012, Borealis in Odda
Premiere of "Ein ny dag", piece for the music scene in Odda, meets Poing and Maja Ratkje; "Wach auf"
More info


Sunde kyst- og litteratursenter, February, 18. at 19:00
Music to readings with authors Oskar Stein Bjørlykke, Anne Karin Fonneland, Inger Bråtveit, Torgeir Schjerven, Rune Belsvik, Kenneth Steven, Einar Økland
Introductions: Hanne Bramness
Tickets: Nkr. 100,-
More info (pdf, Norwegian)

Troldhaugen, January 22. at 10:00-15:30
"Ad hoc": composed on one day for 6 hand piano, Impro-big band and the trio 1982
More info

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